Web Design

Web design is important and has a number of objectives:

  • Gain customers
  • Educate
  • Promote your business

Today it is often the first and maybe the last thing your potential client sees about your business and will need to supply the information he wants to make a choice.

“If You Do Not Have a Website, You Are Letting New Leads, Customers, and Profits Go Down the Drain…”

Even though the Internet has become one of the most powerful marketing tools available today for businesses, thousands of companies still do not have a website.

But this is a HUGE mistake.

Websites provide your business with multiple avenues to put your company right in front of your target market – online.

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Why I Need a Website Video Introduction

Other Website Design Tips

Clear uncluttered information and navigation helps support this.

Is the website branding consistent with other aspects of your branding?

Is it easy for the person to see and review your products? It is a great idea to put yourself in the place of a potential or existing customer and see how they would use the website.

Is your website easy to see on a mobile device? In some businesses like Locksmiths or Indian Restaurants – 40% of searches are carried out on mobile devices.

Have a look at your main competitors websites – any good ideas you can incorporate into your website?

5 Website Design Mistakes

Do you have any of these 5 (realy the first 4 mistakes!)

We are in the process of linking designs to this page.

If you have a specific interest – please contact us and we will send you pertinent designs.