The Top 20 Biggest Web Sites 2012

Business Insiders have analysed the data from Comscore and listed the top 20 websites globally here

Top 20 Websites ImageGoogle has been pipped to Number 1 position by Facebook, even with their problems this year. Facebook had over 836 million uinique users. Google only had 782 million.

Youtube had 721 million users (so Google as a company is bigger as it bought youtube in 2006) and is in third position.

Yahoo is in 4th position with 470 million, though it is relatively a lot weeker in the UK.

Fifth is Wikipedia with 0.3 million less than Yahoo, so a lot of essays are well catered for. is sixth with 390 million, previously hotmail is Microsofts email service. is 7th – So  Happy New Year to the top Chinese Search Engine with 284 million. in its own right has 272 million and eigth spot. the second Chinese Search Engine  in 9th with 269 million. the third microsoft entry in 10th with 254 million for its collection of internet services.


So a surprise to many is that Twitter is not there? So where is it? is in 11th position with 230 million who use this great free blogging platform.

12 th 218 million (branded and powered version of Google)

13th 207 million in Chinas marketplace

14th 190 million, may be in the top 10 next year.

15th 184 million another one from Microsoft, but still struggling versus Google, so pays many companies to link and use Bing!

16th Another Chinese Search Engine with 176 million!

17th with 171 million. So Apple store and all Apple devices have safari browser that is installed have this set up as homepage.

18th 171 million for the free blog hosting platform and wordpress software home.

19th 169 million for the Chinese mobile platform.

20th with 163 million users – the online superstore.

So the figures continue to show the growth of the Chinese websites, 5 out of the top 20.

Behind the website positions there is the dominance of Google with 2nd and 3rd spots. Also Miscosoft with Live, Microsoft and MSN .

As always who will be the new powerhouses next year?