Study Shows Most Websites Were Not Secure

We ran an automatic software analysis of WordPress websites in an area that interests us.  The average result was 3 out of 8. Some scored 1 out of  8. Even with 7 out of 8 you are at risk to hackers.

Unfortunately hacking is one of the growth businesses in the world.

To be honest even if you deal with all 8 of these weaknesses there are still risks out there. The unsocial thing is you get the hackers to move to the next website! So make sure you have up to date website backups. Do back ups before you change anything on your website.

The key measures are:

  1. Do you have admin as a logon
  2. Have you updated to latest wordpress version
  3. Installation script accessible and in default location
  4. Readme file is accessible and in default location
  5. The wpconfig file is present in the default location
  6. Upgrade script still exists.
  7. Uploads directory still exists.
  8. Malware present

General advice is to ask your websmaster to assure you that all the above have been dealt with.

Passwords. Make sure they are complex. For a random password generator. Good to use 15 length.

In todays world it is OK to write them down and keep them by your computer. The risk is via the internet.

It is also a good idea to update any plugins you have.

If you are unsure whether you have a problem or not email me the domain URL and your email.