Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  – Be Found on Page 1 of Google

However good your mousetrap, people need to find it. In todays world you need to be found on the major search engines where most people are looking for products. In the UK this means being found on Google.

Within SEO we have two main services:

Organic search engine rankings where we will place you on page 1 of Google.

Local Search

Where we will get you to the top of Google in the local search box.


So how do we do this?

  1. The key first step is identifying the keywords that are commercially important for you.
  2. Where are you now positioned in Google for these keywords?
  3. We do a website analysis to identify improvements
  4. We analyse the importance of your website on the net. This is measured by the quantity, quality and relevance of sites linking to your website.
  5. We investigate the social media interaction with your website. This is an increasingly important part of how Google ranks your website.
  6. We develop an understanding of your consumers / clients.
  7. We compare the above with your key competitors
  8. Finally we develop a costed action plan that we can discuss and develop with you.

SEO Video



1. Should I try to be ranked on Bing and Yahoo?

In the UK Google is the main player with 90% of the search market so is the one to target. If you are ranking well on Google you will do well in the other search engines.

2. Keywords are the words that people enter into the search engine box for your service or product. If your consumer does not find the product on page 1 of Google only about 5% of people will go to page 2 results. They will either have found the product they are looking for or will have changed the keywords in the search box.