Restaurant Marketing

We have a lot of experience and ways of growing your business. We can redo your website, improve your Google rankings and develop through social media your relationships with your customers

Did you know that Google reports year-on-year search growth for restaurant bookings and associated searches of 17% in 2011-2012. 


An example website, we can develop whatever design you require.

You need a mobile website. In some restaurant segments over 40% use their mobile phones when searching. If they cannot find you they will go elsewhere.

Social Media

Key to finding new clients and developing the relationships with existing clients. We recommend you use Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.  The social media campaign can include many other social networks as well.

Restaurant Reputation Management

This can have a huge effect on business. It is something that should be developed, not wait for a problem. We have written a restaurant reputation management white paper that may help you.

There are other things we can do