There are two bits to getting more clients:

1. Visitors to your website or page via Google optimisation, PPC or other means.

2. Get them to take action.

This page is about the second part.

If 100 people visit your web page – how many take action.

By taking action it could be phone you, fill in a contact form or buy something.

The key question is – do you know how many take action?

Google analytics will supply the number of visitors to a page.

If this is your home page, you have a lot of actions that are possible, but you probably can find out how many emails and phone calls you get.

So what Conversion percentage should I have?

A good question. It depends on your business and what you are asking them to do.

It also depends on how clear and appealing the website is.

If it is a subscription form for a free product it can be up to 50%.

Actions from Google Ad words can also be up to 50%.

If you are an emergency locksmith it should be 50%+

If it is a purchase it could be as low as 3%.