Social Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

Social Video Marketing to Grow Your Business 

Many clients and potential clients are very keen on knowing how they could use video marketing. The statistics of Youtube users is enormous, whilst those watching video on other platforms is increasing even faster.

Social video marketing is a specific style, so what is it?


An Introduction To Social Video Marketing

 What is social video marketing?  On the surface, it’s a way to get existing and potential customers to interact with your website.  It’s an entertaining way for you to get your message across.  At  worst, it’s a great way to improve your overall SEO picture, but done well it can really grow your business through engagement and sharing on the major social media and specialist media networks.  Social video marketing is nothing like those old TV commercials – instead, it combines gripping images and motivational text or music to make your customers feel they need to do two things:  heed your call to action, and share your message with people they feel would appreciate what you have to offer.


What Social Video Marketing Is Not

 Social video marketing is not a standard commercial.  A film crew does not come to your place of business and build a highly choreographed visual press release.  In fact, most social video marketing for small businesses takes place with the help of a good internet marketing specialist, and a few people who have the talent to put a quick, entertaining video together.  Quick cameras like the Flip and others like it make the process of producing and editing short films a snap!

Many people like me are shooting using our iphones, with or without various attachments and accessories.

Social video marketing is not spam.  Some businesses make the mistake of being overly forceful, which is something you definitely don’t want to do – the most effective social video marketing campaigns are those that people actually WANT to watch.

We are great advocates of using it for education and the soft sell. Educating your clients is exceptionally beneficial if you have products that would benefit from it.


What Social Video Marketing Is

 Putting out a black and white definition of social video marketing is nigh impossible.  It’s different things to different people.  The best social video marketing doesn’t really even look like marketing to most consumers, which is precisely why it is so effective.  Here are just a few things that define social video marketing:


  • Social video marketing triggers a psychological response.  It creates a need, and a drive to interact.  You want your customers to see your videos and think, “Wow! I need to share this!”
  • Social video marketing uses platforms that are already in place.  YouTube and Facebook are two examples of places where effective video campaigns enjoy red hot success.  People are always watching, sharing with friends, and taking action.
  • Social video marketing is all about you and your business.  It is original, fresh, and often funny  or gripping in some other way.


We are interested in any good examples of social video marketing that you think would be useful to share.

We’ve just barely covered the tip of the iceberg in this introduction – find out more by talking with us.  We can give you even more specific insight about how to use this incredible tool to make Your Business more successful than you ever imagined it could be.





Olympics Integrated Marketing


As the London 2012 Olympics comes to an end we must all be impressed not just by the greatest show on earth but also the way it was delivered. Who did not have elements of the Olympics communicated in many different ways.

  • TV including in HD and 3D
  • Radio, DAB, Podcasts
  • On mobile phones – the telephone providers must have been laughing to the bank with the amount of money spent on data usage over the meagre free quantity they give!
  • Twitter updates – some of the UK athletes went from less than a hundred followers to tens of thousands overnight.
  • SMS Text messages from people about results or recommendations.
  • Facebook with links to good Olympic videos
  • Flickr with personal photos
  • Good old fashioned papers where you can get more information from the links or QR codes they have.

Here is an interesting article building on how Steve Jobs was going to integrate with the Apple TV that looks that it could be joining us shortly.

As cited in his official biography, Steve Jobs had his eyes on television, saying: “I’d like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use. It would be seamlessly synched with all of your devices and with iCloud. It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it.”

Speaking in May Apple board member, Millard Drexler this week said that, while the living room has been a hobby with the Apple TV, “the living room they’re dealing with at some point in the near future.”

Changing the channels

Over 40 percent of Americans are live-streaming Olympics coverage on their smartphones and tablets. Already one-third of Europeans are streaming TV shows over the Internet, up by 10 percent on 2011.

The Olympic audience is becoming more fragmented,” said Velti chief marketing officer Krishna Subramanian. “For brands that want to reach Olympic viewers, this is an important finding as it highlights the ability to look beyond TV and focus on secondary devices such as smart phones and tablets.”

While we watch these shows, we talk about them. A UK TV Licensing survey reveals that 57 percent of the country’s adult social media users aged under 35 claim the social buzz around a show can affect whether they watch the programme or not. Television viewing is becoming a shared experience using social media: Twitter or Facebook….More at Apple and the iPhone TV: one day all televisions will be this way – Computerworld (blog)


I hope the feel good factor offset the decreased productivity – as a lot of this probably went on in during work hours.

The UK social media efforts go into insignificance compared to the efforts expanded by the Chinese company tencents who set up a huge facility in Chelmsford to the East of London.


Rory Cellan-Jones looks round a Chinese Olympic media hub in Romford

It’s not quite what you expect to find in Romford. In a shabby building which was once a youth club in the Essex town, we found dozens of Chinese technicians and a state-of-the art television studio. This is the Olympic headquarters of Tencent, a Chinese internet superpower.

Every evening, China’s gold medallists – and there is a plentiful supply – are driven to Romford from the Olympic venues to take part in a television programme broadcast on the internet. They are joined by their families – either in person or via an internet video call. To watch a weightlifting gold medallist meet her father for the first time since her victory was to understand that a lot of nonsense has been talked about Chinese athletes being robotic and unemotional.

I asked one of the producers how they could be sure that every single one of China’s gold medallists would agree to pitch up in Essex to take part in the show. “We have an agreement with the Olympic team,” I was told. Then I realised just how powerful the company running this operation must be.

….More at Romford – China’s social media base – BBC News