Back To School Marketing Is An Opportunity


11 Facts About Moms’ Back-to-School Shopping [Infographic]

Back To SchoolDespite the coupon-hunting, “most moms start shopping for back to school about one month before school starts, and they don’t set a budget,” states She Knows.

Credits: 11 Facts About Moms’ Back-to-School Shopping [Infographic]


So infact a bit late now, but the principles are important.

It is bigger in the US than the UK, but these trends are worth looking at.

We have a resouce for Christmas marketing – that we will update for seasonal marketing.

Roofing 2014 Webinar

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Friday 20th June 16-16:30

2014 has been the most successful year for roofing contractors – ever. The searches for roofing companies in the early months of the year were 10x bigger than previous years. So the first half of the year was great.

The future is also looking very rosy for roofers as well as other building trades as the economic recovery and confidence means people are investing in housing renovations and improvements.

However when this is done the question will be what will the future hold? Competition will increase and people will be more selective.

So what can roofers do to improve their competitiveness?

This webinar on Friday 20th June at 16:00 (UK Time) will tackle the two most important aspects:
1. The Website
2. How to be found.
So we look forward to you signing up at
Please let us know if you have any questions on what you would like addressed during this targeted and focused webinar.

For more information on marketing resources to help roofers go to


Free Marketing Audit To Our Readers

Until 16:oo on Friday 3rd January we are going to give away Marketing Audits.

It covers:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • Anything that helps grow a business
  • Press
  • Email and other forms of engagement
  • Advertising (Online and Offline)

VERSUS your competitors

You recieve:

  • Outputs are concrete proposals for implementation.
  • Typically covers around 100 points
  • Report is delivered electronically
  • Discussion on findings by email or web conference (need speakers / microphone on PC)

For more information go to

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A Fourth Seasonal gift to help your business. Five Things to profit from Facebook

Some things you should do and a couple of great examples of a business using Facebook in a creative way.

As per the other gifts have a look at how the gift is promoted and advertised. Perhaps compare versus the earlier gifts and the way you deliver items to potential clients.

Whilst it is difficult to get people to visit your website, when they get there you want them to take action.

Facebok social media hand

Third Seasonal Gift. Latest Marketing Guide

Please pick up our latest marketing guide that includes 30+pages on how to market your business. Including:

  • The 24 hour sales machine (A great time of year for a 24 hour a day sales machine that does not drink too much or doze off over the seasonal period!)
  • The World Is Social Media Crazy
  • Secrets To Making Google Love Your Website
  • Simple Ways Your Business Can Profit From Instagram

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Please let us know what you wold like in future editions.

Mind Mastery – Our second gift to help business people.

As for the first present we would love to have some feedback. It is a bit different.

Enjoy it.

As always take action on one thing.

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.”

Winston Churchill

“Since new developments are the products of a creative mind, we must therefore stimulate and encourage that type of mind in every way possible.”

George Washington Carver





Xmas Present 1 – 21 Seasonal Tips

This is the first of 5 seasonal gifts that will help your business in different ways.

It is not only the gift that can help your business. It is also the techniques that are used in promoting and delivering the present.

I would be interested in your comments on the gifts and the way they were delivered.

Click on this link for the first one.

Best Wishes for this seasonal period.

Cyber Monday – Huge Sales Today.

Holiday season has certainly arrived in the UK today.

From the BBC Today

Dubbed Cyber Monday, retailers hope consumers will take advantage of a flurry of sales and discounts.

Credit card firm Visa expects £450m to be spent, with 7.7 million online transactions, up 16% on 2012, making 2 December the busiest day of the year for e-commerce.

John Lewis expects 80,000 orders, while Amazon hopes for over 3.5 million.

However the season is not over yet! With Super Saturday and New Year Sales and general generous expenditure.

If you could benefit from Additional Sales over this period you might like to read our free report on “21 Holiday Marketing Mistakes Most Businesses Make“.

21 Holiday MArketing Mistakes Image

The report is a great preparation for those with end of year seasonal sales such as shops, gyms, personal trainers, life coaches, florists and accountants. It is also useful for other products as people are in for giving and for changing things.

The Secret To Growing Your Business – Online

The Secret To Growing Your Business – Online

Whilst there is no magic secret here are some pointers that will grow any business. The advantage of this is that it can be quite rapid.
There must be some reason why some small businesses outperform others. Let’s pretend for just a minute that you own a small café in a part of town that is just about two blocks off the beaten path. Lunchtime crowds could be a lot bigger! You’ve noticed that your competition, who has higher prices and worse white bean chicken chili than you, and who is a up a quiet street off the beaten path of the lunch time warriors and has a steady stream of customers. Why? Stop wringing your hands. You’re about to find out.
Social Media Marketing: What It Can Do For You
Social media marketing translates to success. A successful social media marketing campaign can take your little bistro from barely making payroll to a booming success. It can move you from the back lot to the spotlight.
“But” you might say, “I’m a bistro. How can social media marketing do all that for me? You people are crazy! I have soup to make. See ya later!”
As astonishing as this might seem, and as offbeat as some of the most successful social media marketing campaigns are, they work. Stick with me, soupy sales, here’s why!
Social media marketing gives you the power to reach out to your customers any time of night or day.
Let’s say it’s 10 a.m. Bored office workers everywhere are looking forward to lunch. In fact, they’re asking each other: “What do you think, where should we go for lunch?” They check their twitter and facebook feeds to see what their friends are up to, and then, magic happens. They spot your tweet or your facebook status.
Their eyes light up, and they start to salivate. “Dude, let’s go to Soupy Sales! He’s got that awesome white bean chicken chili for lunch. Perfect weather for it. Man, he’s on Facebook…we better get there before it’s gone!”
At 11:30, you start getting busy. At 1 pm, you’re completely out of soup, salad, bread, soda, and those cookies you thought might sell well. And, best of all, you’ve convinced your customers that they should not pass up the opportunity to have lunch with you, because you’re just so popular.
While this is an admittedly simplified explanation of what social media marketing can do for you, it’s definitely food for thought. Whether you sell soup or landscaping services, you need to get in the game and stay in the game with social media marketing. So, find an expert, why not try us and start a campaign, and watch your business grow faster than you ever thought possible.
If of interest why not give us a call 020 71 93 95 71.

Social Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

Social Video Marketing to Grow Your Business 

Many clients and potential clients are very keen on knowing how they could use video marketing. The statistics of Youtube users is enormous, whilst those watching video on other platforms is increasing even faster.

Social video marketing is a specific style, so what is it?


An Introduction To Social Video Marketing

 What is social video marketing?  On the surface, it’s a way to get existing and potential customers to interact with your website.  It’s an entertaining way for you to get your message across.  At  worst, it’s a great way to improve your overall SEO picture, but done well it can really grow your business through engagement and sharing on the major social media and specialist media networks.  Social video marketing is nothing like those old TV commercials – instead, it combines gripping images and motivational text or music to make your customers feel they need to do two things:  heed your call to action, and share your message with people they feel would appreciate what you have to offer.


What Social Video Marketing Is Not

 Social video marketing is not a standard commercial.  A film crew does not come to your place of business and build a highly choreographed visual press release.  In fact, most social video marketing for small businesses takes place with the help of a good internet marketing specialist, and a few people who have the talent to put a quick, entertaining video together.  Quick cameras like the Flip and others like it make the process of producing and editing short films a snap!

Many people like me are shooting using our iphones, with or without various attachments and accessories.

Social video marketing is not spam.  Some businesses make the mistake of being overly forceful, which is something you definitely don’t want to do – the most effective social video marketing campaigns are those that people actually WANT to watch.

We are great advocates of using it for education and the soft sell. Educating your clients is exceptionally beneficial if you have products that would benefit from it.


What Social Video Marketing Is

 Putting out a black and white definition of social video marketing is nigh impossible.  It’s different things to different people.  The best social video marketing doesn’t really even look like marketing to most consumers, which is precisely why it is so effective.  Here are just a few things that define social video marketing:


  • Social video marketing triggers a psychological response.  It creates a need, and a drive to interact.  You want your customers to see your videos and think, “Wow! I need to share this!”
  • Social video marketing uses platforms that are already in place.  YouTube and Facebook are two examples of places where effective video campaigns enjoy red hot success.  People are always watching, sharing with friends, and taking action.
  • Social video marketing is all about you and your business.  It is original, fresh, and often funny  or gripping in some other way.


We are interested in any good examples of social video marketing that you think would be useful to share.

We’ve just barely covered the tip of the iceberg in this introduction – find out more by talking with us.  We can give you even more specific insight about how to use this incredible tool to make Your Business more successful than you ever imagined it could be.