April 1st – Advertising Censorship. Cigarette Adverts Banned For First Time

President Nixon in 1970 on this day signed legislation officially banning cigarette advertising on TV and radio.

Was this seen as an April Fool?

Even though studies showed the danger for 30 years and most states had banned sales to minors.

A difficult decision for Nixon as he was both a smoker and it had been important to America and Presidents.

Even the early American Presidents such as Washington, Jeffereson, Jackson and Madison owned Tobacco plantations. Some were chain smokers such as Franklin Roosevelt and Hoover.

The censorship of advertising continued over time into print, with the brans relying more on the image, shape and colour branding to continue to promote their brand.

Whilst  a great believer in the freedom of press and advertising, this was one where censorship was for the better good of mankind.

I miss my lung image

Image of humour applied to iconic smoking adverts. http://no-smoke.org/